System requirements

Make sure that your server meets the requirements, before installing CONREGO.

Server-side software

  • Linux system;
  • Apache Web Server 1.3 or newer;
  • Apache module settings: mod_rewrite enabled, mod_security disabled, mod_auth_basic disabled;
  • PHP versions from 5.2.4 to 5.6;
  • Required settings: allow_url_fopen (On), safe_mode set (Off);
  • Useful settings: register_globals (Off), magic_quotes_* (Off), suhosin.upload.max_uploads (100), max_file_upload (100), file_max_upload_size (16M);
  • Helpful expansions: PDO_MySQL, cURL, SimpleXML, mcrypt, GD, OpenSSL, DOM, SOAP, zlib, imagick;
  • MySQL version 5.0.15 or newer;
  • ionCube PHP Loader version 4.6.1 or higher;
  • Required server tools: CRON;

Access details

  • Access data to an FTP server (it is provided by your hosting services provider);
  • Access data to a MySQL database (it is provided by your hosting services provider);

Software required on your PC

  • Virtually any text editor (we recommend using PSPad);
  • Virtually any FTP client (we recommend using Filezilla);
  • Any modern web browser (the required minimum: Internet Explorer 10, Firefox 30, Chrome 30, or Safari 5).

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