We have answered the questions most frequently asked by organisers of events, regarding the application.

Each licence is limited to a single domain (IP address is irrelevant, so you can change it any time). In other words, if you are about to implement the system for cyclical events that will always operate within the same domain, then you can use CONREGO for an unlimited period of time. However, if you intend to change domains or use sub-domains for different events, then each new instance requires a new licence.

You can find out about the method of adjusting CONREGO to support many simultaneous events in our blog.
Absolutely. Contact us to discuss terms and conditions of such purchase at sales@conrego.com.
The installation phase requires basic knowledge of MySQL and server configuration. However, typical implementation can be configured without virtually any IT skills – all it takes is basic knowledge of how a web browser works. The disadvantage here is the fact that it will reduce your possibilities of adjusting the system to more advanced requirements.
You can modify nearly all files corresponding to the outer shell (the code to the administration panel is secured and it cannot be modified, because it is considered as breaching licence terms and conditions). In order of precedence, it may be helpful to have knowledge in the following fields:
- Knowledge of CSS (modifications of layout and colour scheme or implementation of own templates);
- Knowledge of HTML:
- Basic knowledge of Javascript (required, if interfering deeper in the way that forms operate);
- Basics of PHP (modification of view templates);
- Basics of MySQL (primarily, as required during installation and potential resetting of the database).
Yes, it's possible, but it requires proper preparations. The problem is that you can't use directly the same domain as the one for the existing website, but it would a perfect opportunity to create a sub-domain for that very purpose. Let's assume that your website belongs to the abcd.com domain. In this case, we recommend creating a sub-domain registration.abcd.com, and then install the system, and assign its licence to the new sub-domain. Since the options of adjusting CONREGO to the graphic design of the existing website are virtually unlimited, participants will be convinced that they operate within a single website.
No, CONREGO does not include this functionality and we do not intend to add it.

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